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Bitumen tape – multipurpose material is used for the coupling parts of the roadway with concrete and metal elements of the road and to create high quality joints between the lanes of the road



Tapes are made of polymer-bitumen binder, compatible with all brands of hot mixes.

The uniqueness of the technology of the coating with the use of docking tapes is that the sealing takes place in the process of laying and sealing of hot asphalt-concrete mixture. The sealing effect is achieved by melting the tape material under the influence of the high temperature of the mixture and forming the protective layer during sealing, which reduces the saturation of the asphalt concrete in the seam area and prevents the formation of technological cracks of a covering.

It is used for sealing of technological joints of road coverings from hot asphalt concrete, the device of contiguations to coverings of highways, sidewalks, buildings and constructions, a curbstone, water-drainage trays, foundations, rails, hatches Inspection wells and the device of joints of foundation blocks and panels.